Sunday, March 4, 2007

Short Film Site you must check out

Jonas Mekas, a filmmaker who not only made a huge impact on the New York City's independent film scene in the 1960's and on, but has started his own website where he is posting beautifully crafted short films of every genre. The site is split up into Collection of 40 short films, Classics, Guest Filmmaker, and 365 film by Jonas Meekas. The shorts include a number of works on and by Andy Warhol to Patti Smith improve singing at one of her shows to a film portrait of Dr. Carl Jung at work. One of his projects on the site, "Independent World Cinema, includes work from Scorsece, Waters, and Jarmusch. The site and footage speak for itself.

Friday, March 2, 2007


Although we will never forget them from thier great Saterday morning cartoons...the teenage mutant ninja turtles are back with a new animated movie warner bros is putting out. It will hit theaters on the 23rd. I wonder what it will be like??

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Adios Armory Show

Perhaps you missed the Armory show this year....seeing that it does come once a year here are some photos that might cheer you up!!!

Please do yourself a favor and see David Lynch's Inland is playing at the IFC Center....take the A, C, E, F,V,B,D to west 4th and cross the will love what you have seen...while waiting for the movie to start take a look at thier future events such as Waverly Midnights for the month of March which consist of David Lynch favorites. I mean who doesn't want to see the Elephant Man on the big screen...or maybe you want to see the movie Color Me Kubrick starring John Malcovich

Pixelation Vid you mist see

View the work of Sadie Benning taken by a toy pixelvision camera. Benning is an amazing video artist who is now playing with the band Le Tigre. If you life political and mind blowing experimental film check this out.


Hi everyone...This blog is meant to give you an inside look on events that are up and coming in NY that you are too busy to find out about, and to let you see the events you were not able to make, but want to know about. Not only will you be culturally enlightened about the whereabouts of innovative art exhibits, movies, shows, randomness in NY, but I will also list websites I discover that I think are worth looking at for when you want to be entertained or something unique to look at...ok this all sounds lame but I promise that its better than I can describe